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Mattersplus have been making massive inroads for lawyers with their matter management software, saving time and and reducing the pain

Solving the Digital Dilemma with matter management software

Picture this: It’s 8pm on a Friday night. You an in-house lawyer trying to finish for the week, you sifting through emails, folder structures and spreadsheets. You lost in a labyrinth of data. The other departments have signed off while you are fighting a losing battle.

Sound familiar? Yes, this seems to be an all too familiar scenario for the in-house lawyer. While sales, finance, production and support sectors have already upped their game by using CRM and help desk software. Why then, are in-house legal teams still ‘making do’ with outdated tools to manage their legal related matters

No wonder legal teams are frustrated. In a recent study [1] by IRPO, it was found that 49% of law professionals said they expected things to become tougher, and see ‘meeting deadlines with increasingly more complex data becoming more difficult’

There are legal tech solutions out there, but they have tended to be expensive, complex and lacking the necessary user-friendly interface of simple file systems. They do not cater for overstressed and burdened, in-house legal teams. With declining budgets and growing data volumes added to the equation, it is understandable that the pressure is mounting.

With blockchain and AI developing, will it bring the legal world up to speed and cut-out tedious, time-consuming tasks? Yes, eventually. The return on investment in this space is already beginning to show, but the truly innovative tech solutions are still in their infancy. Getting caught-up in the hype will distract from the easy wins with solutions that Mattersplus matter management software provide and that we know work.

Our matter management software solution

In the last quarter, the increasing number of law business contacting us has risen. Legal teams are clearly keen to use the solution we provide, so they able to move away from their Outlook and file systems. Put simply, matter management software like Matters Plus makes matter management simpler. With the effort we put into improving Legal Operations for in-house lawyers, the more teams will get out.

The truth is, we all want more hours in the day – especially when work eats into your evenings. Matter management software isn’t just about saving time, though. It’s about reducing the daily pain of an already stretched team. By designing solutions specifically for them, they can ditch outdated tools unfit for purpose, manage matters more effectively and have the headspace to focus on more meaningful work. That is where the real value lies.

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