digging for matter management

Matter Management – “Not right now, we’re just too busy.” We’ve heard this a lot recently at matters management demos. Everyone is too busy. Too busy digging with their hands to notice the shovel being offered to them.

Too busy to think about matter management being more efficient

The phrase ‘work smarter, not harder’ is heard a lot by professionals, but it’s easier said than done – especially when you’re busy digging yourself out of a hole. In-house lawyers are dealing with increasingly complex and larger amounts of data, trapping them in operational overload. And as the workload grows, so do the demands on in-house legal teams.

The ACC’s 2022 Chief Legal Officer survey revealed that legal officers and their departments are playing an even greater role to shape and influence broader business. Trends suggest that in-house lawyers are coming out of the shadows and acting as strategic partners of the company. Yet, they’re doing all this with outdated tools.

Overlooked in IT strategy

The use of basic tools like mail and document management systems just don’t cut it anymore. It’s like trying to run a busy kitchen but washing all the dishes by hand. There are legal tech options out there that can help. But they’re often overlooked in IT strategy, and lawyers simply don’t have the time to search for them, even if getting a fit-for-purpose solution would slash their daily admin significantly.

Matters management software

It’s true that finding the right tools can be a headache. Some legal tech solutions show promise but aren’t quite a one-stop shop, while expensive, repackaged law firm solutions take too long to implement and aren’t what in-house teams need anyway. It’s a problem that’s persisted for a while now, so 5 years ago, we set out to provide a matters management software to help fix it.

The goal is to free up the time of in-house legal teams, so they can focus on the strategic side of things. The best way to do that is provide them with user-friendly tools that are tailored to their unique needs for their legal operations. That starts with matters; making it easier to create, manage, sort and find them. As long as lawyers are still using old tools to tackle daily tasks, their time will be tied up with tedious admin, still left digging with their hands.