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Better data, better decisions

“The data and analytics produced as a result of the lawyers using matters+ means that I’m now able to make better decisions across the board…”

Helen Wilson, General Counsel of Weetabix

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The hub of your legal operations

Manage the thousands of matters passing through your department each year. Automate the interactions between your team and internal clients to produce rich data analytics on value delivered and team performance.

Matter Management

“It allows me to spot trends and to predict workloads: to always be one step ahead.”

intelligent analysis

Contract: Intelligent Analysis

Review and mark up your contracts using state of the art artificial
intelligence. Typical time savings of 4 – 6 hours per contract.
contract management

Contract management

Fully searchable central storage for your important contracts, proactively manage expiry and serve-notice dates, auto-generate email reminders to never miss a deadline again.



MattersPlus has been built to work collaboratively and seamlessly alongside your other trusted software applications. As well as Microsoft and Google, MattersPlus has custom integrations to support many third party apps.

knowledge management

Knowledge Management

Store all your templates, guidance notes, playbooks and know-how in one place, easily accessible by your lawyers and (if applicable) by your internal clients.


Detailed analytics auto generated in real time to put you in control and give you complete visibility.

“Mattersplus software allows me to spot trends and to predict workloads: to always
be one step ahead.”

Sara Holford, Head of Legal & Compliance, Scania


Super-organized and forward-thinking

“Fundamentally it has led to more engagement with clients, which was one of my key objectives. In just a short amount of time, my team is now highly-regarded in the business as super-organised and forward-thinking.”

Sara Holford, Head of Legal & Compliance, Scania

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Benefits & Features

MattersPlus is the hub of your legal operations. It’s the tool you and your lawyers use every day to manage the thousands of matters passing through your department each year.

Easy to

  • Out of the box SaaS solution
  • Accessed via secure web browser, so no need for a complex implementation
  • Available across all platforms
  • Intuitive – designed by lawyers for lawyers

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  • Automated matter creation and matter tracking
  • Outlook integration and auto email and document filing
  • Automatic email notifications to keep clients and colleagues in the picture

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  • Auto-track every matter to produce rich, interactive analytics
  • Manage law firm relationships more effectively by tracking spend
  • ‘Rate my advisor’ tool for better insight on performance

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Our mission at matters+ is to help connect people more effectively, efficiently and easier using our matter management software.

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