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Sarah Holford Head of Legal & Compliance

Your Legal Operations Hub

Manage the thousands of matters passing through your department each year. Automate the interactions between your team and internal clients to produce rich data analytics on value delivered and team performance.

Workspace switching

Move between workspaces with simple transitions across multiple accounts.

Reply with complete context

Verify clients and instantly get a holistic view of who you’re talking to with an in-built CRM.

Multiple communication sources

Capture every correspondence across all touchpoints in your matter management system.

Chat and Phone

Give your lawyers more ways to engage so they can work on matters more rapidly.

Increase lawyer productivity

Save time with automation tools that boost productivity.

Benefits and Features

matters+ is the hub of your legal operations. It’s the tool you and your lawyers use every day to manage the thousands of matters passing through your department each year.

Easy to use

matters+ is an out-of-the-box SaaS solution, accessed via a secure web browser, so no need for a complex implementation.

Plus, it's available across all platforms with an intuitive interface - designed by lawyers for lawyers

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