Benefits and Features

matters+ is the hub of your legal operations. It's the tool you use every day to manage the thousands of matters passing through your team each year.

"matters+ allows me to spot trends and predict workloads: to always be one step ahead."
Sarah Holford Head of Legal & Compliance

Benefits & Features

Unlock the potential of legal matter management

matters+ is the hub of your legal operations - your mission control.

Easy to use

  • Out-of-the-box SaaS solution
  • Accessed via a secure web browser, so no need for a complex implementation
  • Available across all platforms
  • Intuitive - designed by lawyers for lawyers


  • Automated matter creation and matter tracking
  • Outlook integration and auto email and document filing
  • Automatic email notifications to keep clients and colleagues in the picture


  • Auto-track every matter to produce rich, interactive analytics
  • Manage law firm relationships more effectively by tracking spend
  • 'Rate my advisor' tool for better insight on performance

Agile Corporate Memory

  • Supports agile working practices and provides a ‘single source of the truth’
  • Drives collaboration both internally and with your external advisors
  • Prevents knowledge leakage by maintaining a fully searchable database

Document Repository

  • Direct document storage or integration with 3rd party DMS
  • Final contract storage with data capture for valuable MI on key risks
  • Flag key dates for proactive contract management

Efficiency Tools

  • Trackers to highlight inefficiencies in the contracting process
  • Chess clock ticker to spot deal blockages
  • Optional time recording function by matter
  • Easily assign and reallocate work


  • Dedicated collaboration space to store and access templates and know-how
  • RSS news feeds from your trusted sources
  • Chat forum to share knowledge and team news

Contract AI

  • Plug and play app’ contract review/ mark-ups using the best artificial intelligence
  • Flag key risks and corrective actions automatically into your agreements
  • Average time savings of 4 – 6 hours per contract

Data Secure

  • Data securely hosted in the UK with AWS
  • Supports multiple permission structures
  • ISO27001 accredited

Ready to get started?

“Choosing an out-of-the-box SaaS solution like matters+ made life so much easier... we were able to access and configure matters+ right from the browser on our laptops.”
Helen Wilson General Counsel