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Our mission at Matters+ is to help connect people effectively, efficiently and more easily using our software.
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Hosted on AWS

AWS’ Global Security Operation Centres conducts 24/7 monitoring of data centre access activities, with electronic intrusion detection systems installed in the data layer. Systems constantly monitored by matters+ Security Team.

Security by design with matters+

Matters plus is committed to constantly maintaining knowledge of the evolving application security landscape and ensuring that security best practices are up-held across the whole organization.

We provide customers with a vast array of customizations within the product, to help you adhere to any auditing and certifications your organization’s helpdesk may need to be compliant with.

We are ISO27001 certified and believe security is key thus we keep on striving to exceed these standards

“Choosing an ‘out of the box’ SaaS solution like matters+ made life so much easier… we were able to access and configure matters+ right from the browser on our laptops.”

Helen Wilson, General Counsel of Weetabix

Matter Management – Trusted by the World’s Best Companies

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